What is FIRA-AER ?

The « Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur » was born in 1934 and was established after France was banned from the Five Nations Tournament by the Home Unions.
France turned to Germany then to Italy and Romania looking for partners and created another organisation comprising the three nations mentioned above as well as Belgium, Catalonia, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal and Czechoslovakia.

Why did FIRA become FIRA-AER ?

After the affiliation of nations from all over the world, it turned out that the IRB and FIRA-AER had similar targets. Thus, FIRA passed an agreement with the IRB in 1994 according to which it was entitled to continental leadership among the European nations. Thus the name AER (Association Européenne de Rugby) was added to its title.

What is FIRA-AER’s role in Europe ?

The role of this regional organisation is to develop and manage European rugby through all its members, in collaboration with the IRB, within a global frame of regional areas.

What is FIRA-AER’s position within the IRB ?

FIRA-AER has a permanent representative in the IRB Council, takes part in all the decisions and is entitled to vote, in the same way as the founding nations and the other regional bodies.

Who are the development officers of FIRA-AER ?

The development officers are Douglas Langley (who took over from Pierre Villepreux who took over from Robert Antonin after the restructuring following the General Assembly of Biarritz in 1999) and Michel Arpaillange. Each nation will be given a full time development officer trained through "stages" taking place in France.

What are the prerogatives of the FIRA-AER development officers ?

The FIRA-AER development officers – who answer to the IRB for administration matters but are placed under the authority of the President of FIRA-AER – aim at promoting, developing and supervising all forms of rugby in the European zone (training, technique, sport and education matters) for all levels of male and female players.

Is there a « FIRA-AER » shop ?

FIRA-AER works with the equipment firm « EP Sport » which distributes its brand of clothes.

Why a new FIRA-AER web site ?

FIRA-AER wants to develop a relevant communication policy, brand of clothes, active partnership, etc. This policy encompasses Internet communication and people all over the world will be able to find the results of the FIRA-AER fixtures right after the final wistle as well as news from the FIRA-AER countries, info from the member unions and data regarding training and the rules of the game.
The new website, which includes the latest functionalities available (PDA Site, RSS flow, ...), will satisfy these expectations, offers a forum and provides the possibility to download the Flash News as well as various information about the work of FIRA-AER.

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Rugby Europe Championship
Rugby Europe Championship
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